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About us

Expressing yourself through jewelry should be a right, not a privilege for the wealthier among us.

Hey! My name is Lucas Age Cruz and this is my story of how I turned my love for pretty shiny things into a sensational jewelry brand called LUX Serious. Growing up in a middle class neighborhood, I was always fascinated by the beautiful luxury jewelry other kids my age wore. I wanted nothing more than to own something so beautiful and valuable.

For me, a beautiful piece of jewelry was much more than a creative way to express your personality...

It was also a sign that the person who bought the piece of jewelry loved the person wearing it very much. As a child I always showed my parents jewelry collections and constantly asked them for the beautiful things I wanted so much. They always smiled and gave me an excuse as to why they couldn't buy what I asked for, but their excuses never made sense to me. For a while I even thought that maybe my parents didn't love me as much as the parents of the other kids, simply because I didn't have nice bracelets or an expensive watch to show my friends. It wasn't until I was older that I realized that my parents lived in a good neighborhood but were too poor to afford expensive luxury jewelry. Although they had always wanted to spoil me and buy the jewelry, unfortunately they were struggling financially and it was not a priority. As a result, I had to temporarily abandon my dream of owning a collection of luxury jewelry.

…Until I was an adult and could make that dream come true myself.

Growing up, I promised myself that I would find a way to make the jewelry I wanted as a kid more accessible to people of all incomes. I have found that most high quality jewelry brands sell items that are so expensive that only a very small group of people can afford them. I've made it my mission to change this by producing top quality jewelry that even the average person with a regular job can buy and wear. I think expressing yourself through jewelry should be a right, not a privilege for the wealthier among us. LUX Serious gives families like mine the chance to make their kids feel like little princes and princesses without having to spend a fortune or buy worse products.

Now everyone can invest in a piece of splendor.

When you choose jewelry from LUX Serious, for yourself or for someone you love, you can be sure that you are buying top quality designer jewelry at a fraction of the price of major jewelry brands. My gift to you is the opportunity to treat yourself and your family to jewelry worthy of a king, without paying a treasure trove of money.

Add a little sparkle to your everyday life with a unique and timeless piece of jewelry that shows that you shine on the inside too - you deserve the best.

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